Warehousing Company in Mokena, IL

Our warehousing company in Mokena, IL, has warehouses strategically located throughout the United States, which enables us to keep shipping costs down to a minimum. What does this mean for your company? Lower Prices.

Using warehouses in close proximity to your business locations and distribution centers will lower outbound freight cost and increase your lead times. The goal of our warehousing company is to provide your business with the most effective and efficient methods for the movement of your product. With our state-of-the-art inventory management system standing inventory is no longer an issue.

What’s New

Skyline Box and Packaging - Warehousing Company in Mokena, IL

E-Z Shipping Box

This reusable container ships complete with its own attached pallet. One person set up in just seconds – decreases labor hours and lead times. Call Skyline for more details about how the E-Z Shipping Box works with your projects and shipping.